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Cult members attack as a result of involvement in LGBTQ+ activities, refusal to join cult

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Sequel to an incident that happened in May 2023 around Ibadan where a group of cult members and hoodlums attacked one Mr. Gbenga Babalola as a result of a resemblance with his senior brother, Mr. Babalola Segun.

Babalola’s family members witnessed the unexpected attack of his younger brother with wounds and bruises all over his body.

Our reporter gathered that the issue started a couple of years ago as a result of a secret cult called confraternity. Due to the death of Mr. Paul Babalola we learnt that the family of Babalola were trying to replace him with his son, named Segun Adewale as promised by his father before his death to his cult members.

The family intends to continue where their late brother stops and ensure his son Segun Babalola takes over the place of his father for the family to enjoy the lineage of protection in their community.

Due to various religious activities, that’s the Christian way of life he disagreed with the family members to replace his father in the cult group. Since then, confraternity members have been looking for ways to punish Mr. Segun Babalola and this made him run away to the United States of America through the help of his friends.

Mr. Segun Babalola was also accused of his sexual orientation as Bisexual due to his involvement in various LGBTQ activities in the U.S. These are the allegations levelled against him by his family and cult members with the hope that when he returned to Nigeria he would be dealt with.

The information from their neighbours stated that these cult members and the hoodlums sent to Mr. Babalola’s house in Ibadan with the information that Segun Adewale came to his father’s house for a holiday not knowing that it was Segun’s younger brother called Gbenga Babalola that was around to pay a visit to his family house and resemble his brother.

The secret cult and hoodlums came with the hope to kidnap Segun Adewale Babalola but they were frustrated when they discovered that it was his younger brother who came for a short visit but was severely attacked that resulted in various wounds on Gbenga’s body, but due to intervention of local security men in their area through phone calls they were chased away by local vigilante but the cult members with the hoodlums were unable to take away Gbenga Babalola.

Yesterday our reporter went back to the area to get update on the incident. It was gathered that Gbenga Bablola was taken to the hospital with various wounds for treatment. Gbenga was admitted immediately and spent some couple of days in the hospital before he was discharged and advised to seek further medical attention at the teaching hospital or see some specialists as a result of internal bleeding.

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The information we got from the neighbours around was that Mr. Segun Adewale Babalola was immediately notified to stay away from Nigeria for now that the issue that made him leave Nigeria initially still persist that there is a risk in his home country in Nigeria, especially his involvement in LGBTQ+ act which is against the Nigeria constitution and punishable with 14years imprisonment if arrested and found guilty by Nigeria police.

Our reporter was also informed that police authority had intervened in the matter after the incident and they are looking for their ring leader and his associates but there is little the police can do due to the involvement of Mr. Segun Adewale Babalola involvement in LGBTQ+ activities which made the case to be complex.

We hope to update our readers as the event unfolds.

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