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Federal Character Violation: Reps to Investigate Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exercise

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The Nigerian Navy’s additional recruitment of 44 individuals has prompted the House of Representatives to launch an investigation into possible federal character principle violations.

The resolution was passed after Rep Ben Igbakpa (PDP-Delta) proposed a motion of urgent public interest in the plenary on Wednesday in Abuja.

Igbakpa, who moved the motion, stated that all of the successful candidates, who were called to report for training in two batches at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School in Rivers, came from different parts of the country.

This, he claims, contradicts the federal character value of inclusion, equity, and fairness.

The Nigerian Constitution requires that all appointments be made in accordance with the principle.

Mr. Igbakpa explained that the policy aimed to prevent ethnic groupings from dominating others.

“The principle appeared to have been observed more in the breach,” he said, adding that appointments and recruitments into government agencies at the federal and state levels must be equitably spread.

According to him, implementing the principle will allay the fears of domination and denial by ethnic minorities and foster national unity.

To reinforce the federal character law and its implementation, the House asked the Nigerian Navy to immediately stop the scheduled pre-screening procedure for the shortlisted candidates.

The House went on to say that every Nigerian deserved to be treated with dignity and respect for their rights, regardless of where they were physically located in the country.

It was ordered that it be given details of all recruitments from 2014 to the present, with a map of the geographical dispersal.

The House also ordered its navy oversight committee to investigate the exercise and recommend necessary measures to prevent similar constitutional violations in all government recruitment, with a 12-week deadline to report back for further legislative action.

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