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Marriage: The benefits and downsides of marrying early

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Are there any benefits or disadvantages to getting married early?

Nowadays, people wait till their 30s and late 20s to get married, some even get married in their 40s.

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People marry late these days because of school, the search for financial independence, the absence of a community and the hyper-independence of life in cities.

What’s the most appropriate age to get married? The law requires that any person of legal age can get married. According to the law in most countries, the legal age is 18 years. This means that any functioning adult above 18 years old can get married without anyone’s consent, but should they?

Here are some benefits.

The older you get, the more elusive ‘the one’ seems and the more frustrated you are that you can’t find him or her. The dating pool is extremely toxic, and it would be nice to opt out as soon as possible. Plus, if you find someone you love and the relationship is healthy, why wait?

Easier to give birth, plus more time to spend with your children

Scientifically, the chances of having children decrease as you get older. That includes the quality of a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg. When you get married early, you get to jump that hurdle fast.

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Also, when you marry early, you watch your children grow up in your youth. When your children are adults, you still have your life in front of you.

You build your life together

As long as you don’t marry a partner who stifles your career and goals, two are indeed better than one. You can both come together to join resources and create the life you both dream of.

The downsides

You might feel like you have outgrown the marriage and get bore

People change. You will change, and your spouse will change. What happens when you wake up and realize he or she isn’t the same person you fell in love with? What happens if you find them boring and a tad irritating? How do you navigate that?

Children are huge responsibilities

Yes, babies are cute, but they are expensive, and they make a mess. Having a child or children will mean putting your needs on hold so you can take care of them. It might even mean slowing down your career projections.

Marriage limits your freedom

When you are single, you can travel anywhere, spend your money on whatever you want, and leave the house without telling anyone where you are headed, but all these changes when you get married.

The truth is, we all need companionship. While some might find it early in life, others might have it later. Some might even find it many times in their lifetime, and that’s okay.

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