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When Aunty Ramota refuses to greet her, Mummy Dollarz kicks her out

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Oluwaseun Adebisi Adeyemi, popularly known as Mummy Dollarz, the mother of skit maker and comedian Oluwadolarz, has shared her encounter with actress Ramota Adetu, known as Aunty Ramota.

In a video shared on Instagram, Aunty Ramota could be seen at Mummy Dollarz’s residence, preparing for a movie shoot.

When Mummy Dollarz requested her to kneel and greet, Aunty Ramota vehemently refused, leading to an immediate reaction from Mummy Dollarz’s daughter, who was also present on set.

Despite Aunty Ramota storming away in anger, Mummy Dollarz firmly pulled her back, insisting on a proper Yoruba greeting, yet the actress remained defiant.

Fueled by frustration at Aunty Ramota’s blatant disrespect, Mummy Dollarz promptly ordered her to leave her house.

Aunty Ramota, visibly annoyed, exited the house and positioned herself outside the gate, seething with frustration.

Mummy Dollarz, wearing a smile that barely concealed her simmering fury, approached Aunty Ramota to comfort her over her disrespectful actions.

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Not backing down, Mummy Dollarz informed her son, Oluwadolarz, about the incident, prompting him to join the scene.

With interventions from others on set and several minutes of persuasion, Aunty Ramota eventually yielded.

The actress humbly knelt before Mummy Dollarz, offered a sincere apology, and greeted her respectfully.

The encounter concluded with a warm embrace between Mummy Dollarz and Aunty Ramota, showcasing a resolution to the earlier tension.

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